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tricolor collab released!

2009-12-07 19:14:54 by n0sv3ratu

It turned out great! thanks to evryone who helped!
please watch it at

programing an fps in unity

2009-11-30 16:30:53 by n0sv3ratu

yep u heard me im making a video game. i will need volunteers for beta testing when the time comes if you would like to test the game please pm me or post a comment

got my eye back

2009-11-28 11:40:50 by n0sv3ratu

yep i can see

lost one of my eyes

2009-11-25 10:44:32 by n0sv3ratu

temporarily i had an accident with the spray fixative so im not going to be able to make any progress on my new art project wish me well i should be up and running by the end of the weekend but i will attempt some photoshop threads possibly because its easier than hand drawing with one eye
(look i can be like tom cruise)

lost one of my eyes

i has a charcoal mustache

2009-11-23 17:03:53 by n0sv3ratu

and fixitive in my eye... yay art class

im back

2009-11-20 16:38:45 by n0sv3ratu

Did u miss me

Hellish side of purgatory

2009-10-17 13:15:14 by n0sv3ratu

this is a project for english we have to write a short story starting with a paragraph from an egar allen poe story. the first paragraph is from edgar allen poes the tell tale heart. please tell me if i need to improve anything and enjoy

"True! Nervous very,very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why WILL you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in heaven and earth. I heard many things in hell. How then am I mad? Hearken! And observe how healthily, how calmly I tell you the whole story."
"When was I well? Even in my newfound state of clarity I cannot completely recall the time when I was well. I do however remember a time when the daily activities were not as deranged as they are now. It would be a very less than this that I shall describe to you; I was young, but my exact age I can tell you not. I need not make my mind cluttered and filled with such superfluous details. A man whose soul was black waited to be ended. People fought and yelled and pushed and shoved to see the sharp steel end the man's life. But even though his life was nearing the end he didn't twitch, didn't express fear or pain or torment. He just waited. I noticed something irregular about him but I could not quite grasp it as he looked away as to hide his face. He did not do this in shame no I think it was something more."
"As he drudged to his final rest I strived to determine what peculiarity attracted my attention suddenly I saw his head lift turn slightly. He was fully focused on me. I realize now what had drawn my attention before as I stared at him I saw his mouth. Five leather stitches bound his mouth shut. He was asked for his last words when I suddenly saw his face contort. His mouth ripped open he looked at me and let out a terrifying laughed. A laugh so inhuman it could hardly be distinguished as having any fathom of a meaning to any person who was right of mind. His eyes shot open and the steel fell. The beast's features froze in the morbid pose of his final cry. His laugh still piercing my ears I could not move. I was paralyzed there for what seemed like a century. As I struggled to move the beast remained in my memory I could still hear his terrible laugh scratching in my head trying to scrape its way out!"
"And there I remained unmoving. In silence, only the beast and myself remained I saw the man and his face stared at me from the point as I stared at him. I waitited for some soul to rescue me from his unmoving stare but this hope was empty. I began to ponder if people even knew if I was there. I wonderes if i had deceased the moment that the blade fell; pondered if I had ever had been living at all as I watched I began to hear a slight noise. Like an insect had flown to close to my ear. I focused hard and listened, holding my breath as to make the most minimal amount of noise. It became more distinct at my realization of what I had been detecting my blood ran cold. I hear the undeniable sound of the beasts laugh."
"The sinister cackle began to grow in volume it terrified me immensely. His eyes seemed to peirce my skin and judge the very content of my soul. It was as though the the beasts piercing start had wrapped itself around my throat squeezing every drop of life out of me. I was near my demise. When I felt a sudden warmth as the heat returned to my blood. I realized the source of the warmth was a hand on rested on my shoulder. I could move again! The beasts paralyzing stare no longer had control around me. I turned around and saw you; my savoir and I am no longer trapped with his piercing eyes. Please look at me so I may see the person to whom I owe my life." I saw his head lift turn slightly. He was fully focused on me. I saw his mouth. Five leather stitches bound his mouth shut. I suddenly saw his face contort. His mouth ripped open he looked at me and laughed

getting tests done

2009-10-06 09:09:31 by n0sv3ratu

i will check in at 8 pm

hates 10 yr olds on gears 2

2009-09-27 20:32:28 by n0sv3ratu

why does it seem that whenever i pop in gears plug in my mic and start a public game im always met with a ten year old british kid screaming at me? apparently they dont have a rating system in england because last time i checked people getting chainsawed in half and throwing as many obscenities at each other as possible was not the appropriate form of entertainment for a child of 10 years old.

hates 10 yr olds on gears 2

yay re scouted

2009-09-12 13:57:23 by n0sv3ratu

re scouted by lunsfryd (i know i butchered the name sry